Graduate Student Highlights


Christina Salas

With research spanning Biomedical Engineering, Orthopedics, and Mechanical engineering, Christina Salas investigated the trapeziometacarpal joint’s failure due to osteoarthritis, and its repair using biomaterials. She defended her PhD with distinction in May 2014, and is now a faculty member in the UNM Dept of Orthopaedics


Kirsten Cicotte

Kirsten was awarded our program's first PhD, having defended her PhD with distinction in December 2013. Kirsten’s research focused on the development of synthetic polymers for bone tissue engineering. While pursuing her PhD in BME, Kirsten was employed full-time as a technologist at the nearby Sandia National Laboratory.  She is now employed as a polymer scientist at W.L. Gore & Associates.


Mekensey Buley Telfer

With a BS in Chemical Engineering, Mekensey joined the BME graduate program to study the use of a new virus-like-particle platform for ligand affinity selection and therapeutic drug delivery. She identified specific ligands that bind to epidermal growth factor receptor - a receptor that is vastly over expressed on cancer cells. Mekensey was awarded our program’s first MS in 2012, and is now employed at SandRidge Energy in Oklahoma City, OK.