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Master's Degree

Thesis-based Master's

The MS Plan I program provides advanced training Biomedical Engineering that emphasizes research preparation. A combination of coursework and active research provides a program that develops an ability to conduct scientific research. This plan may lead to a PhD program, either at The University of New Mexico or another institution. A thesis or its equivalent is required.

Non-thesis (“Plan II”) Master's

The MS Plan II stresses advanced course work in Biomedical Engineering and may involve no active research by the student. No thesis is required, and students usually do more course work than in the Plan I program. Plan II is most appropriate for individuals desiring an advanced degree in biomedical engineering, but who do not wish to pursue research in the graduate setting. Students whose career goals include substantial research or technical laboratory work, and those who intend to pursue a PhD degree at UNM, are not recommended to pursue this option.